Lockleaze Green Gym

Celebrating Collaboration and Conservation at Lockleaze Sports Centre

It was an absolute honor to host a BBQ for Lockleaze Green Gym, Really Wild Lockleaze, and Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust in appreciation of their incredible work around the site. The BBQ was a celebration of a fantastic collaboration with Avon Wildlife Trust, which saw 23 dedicated volunteers, including 8 from Triodos Bank, come together to accomplish amazing things at Lockleaze Sports Centre (LSC).

Highlights of the Day:

– Creation of a Wildlife Pond: One of the major achievements was the creation of a large pond in the biggest attenuation ditch. This pond, 60cm deep at its deepest point, is perfect for wildlife. It will provide a crucial habitat for amphibians to hibernate and breed more easily, significantly enhancing our local ecosystem.

– Bumblebee Nests: Volunteers also dug out two bumblebee nests in the bank, providing essential nesting sites for these important pollinators. Bumblebees play a vital role in our environment, and supporting their populations is crucial for maintaining biodiversity.

– Tree Care: The team cleared away greenery around the trees that were planted last winter. This maintenance is vital for the young trees to thrive and continue contributing to the greening of Lockleaze.

The collective efforts of these volunteers have made Lockleaze greener and more vibrant. Their hard work and dedication are truly inspiring, and we are immensely grateful for their contributions. The BBQ, expertly cooked up by Nick, was a small token of our appreciation for their tireless efforts.

Looking Forward

The success of this event is a testament to what can be achieved when community organizations and volunteers come together with a common goal. The improvements made to the Lockleaze area will have lasting benefits for local wildlife and the community.

Thank you once again to Lockleaze Green Gym, Really Wild Lockleaze, @lockleazeneighbourhoodtrust, Avon Wildlife Trust, and all the volunteers, including our friends from Triodos Bank. Your hard work is making a significant difference, and we look forward to continuing this journey towards a greener, more vibrant Lockleaze.

Stay tuned for more updates on our conservation efforts and upcoming events. Together, we can achieve even more! 

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