Lockleaze Sports Centre

A not-for-profit, registered charity in Bristol. Dedicated to providing inclusive sports and community events.

Lockleaze Sports Centre

Book a pitch on our state-of-the art 4G pitches! We have Rugby, Football and Hockey pitches to choose from!

Charity Registration Number: 8824435

Kick Off a Journey of Fun, Friendship, and Giving Back

Hey there, sports lover! At Lockleaze Sports Centre, we’re not just about the game – we’re about building a tight-knit community where every high-five counts and every match supports a great cause. With two top-notch full-sized 4G football and rugby pitches, we’re your go-to spot for staying active and making a difference.

⚽️ Play and Give 🤝 Our pitches aren’t just green fields – they’re the heart of our mission to make a positive impact. Every time you enjoy a game with us, you’re supporting a registered charity (Charity Number 8824435) that’s all about inclusion and community support. How awesome is that?

👥 More Than a Match 👥 Lockleaze Sports Centre is your second home, where friendships grow as fast as the grass on our pitches. No matter your skill level or background, we’re all part of the same team. Come kick the ball around, make memories, and join a community that’s cheering you on, both on and off the field.

🏆 Our Offering 🏆 – Full-Sized 4G Pitches: Experience the game on surfaces that meet professional standards. – Community Events: From tournaments to workshops, we foster a sense of belonging. – Fitness Connection: Discover how sports can be the gateway to your fitness journey.

🌟 A Health Kick for All 🌟 We believe that staying active should be a blast, and that’s why our sports centre isn’t just about competition – it’s about feeling your best. Jump into the excitement of the game, boost your energy, and relish the satisfaction of contributing to a healthier, happier community!

📢 Join Us in Making a Difference! 📢

Welcome to the Lockleaze Sports Centre family! Combine your love for sports with the thrill of connecting with your community. Whether you’re chasing a ball or a healthier lifestyle, we’re here as your unwavering support, for everyone!